New To The Shop In May

First I like to say that although April was a bit slow for me in sales I still had some wonderful repeat customer that are my best and loyal customers and thank you to all of my new found customers that took the chance on my shop and liked my products. :-)

Feature of the Month

Foaming Milk Baths

Now what did we change and what did we bring into the shop for May. Ok first we did change the packaging for the Milk Baths. These are one of my best items that I have in my shop that I truly love and they weren't getting the attention they deserve. So my husband thought that maybe they needed a little makeover and I agreed. So I wanted to put them in something that would stand out. So I saw these bottles on a website that I frequent often but they had them in glass. I am not a glass person and I know these would not last long if they were shipped or used by the customer. So glass was pretty much out of the question. So I look around for these and didn't find the size bottles I wanted but thought the 8 oz would be more than enough. So here they are in their with their new look. They have been selling like hot cakes and not only do they look good but they are awesome milk baths that you just can't find anywhere equal to them. For these awesome milk baths stop past our website or our Etsy shop for these milk baths

I said they were coming and they are here. My new soaps for May. I am committed to bring you at least 3 great soaps each month. This way you will have a large variety of soaps to choose from. Buy more and save. Buy 4-6 bars of soap and shipping will only be 4.90 for US customers. That is a big savings especially if you live on the West coast when shipping up to 6 bars of soap can cost about 7.50 if it is over 1lb so that is a big savings. So what is first on the list,

MMMM yes chocolate for all you chocolate lovers. No you just can't eat this but it smells fantastic. I am not one for making my soaps look like food because I don't want my customers to be only tempeted because they look good enough to eat, I want my customers to want my soaps because they will treat their skin with care not because they want to eat it. Once they realize they can't eat it, they don't want to waste it by using it. But this soaps does look good enough to eat because of the color. It was made with real chocolate. I also added cocoa butter which is awesome for the skin. Don't just look at it and say OMG it looks good enough to eat, think of it as how it will smell to you and how it will be good for your skin.

Next on the list is the Sweet Pink Sugar Soap. Oh gosh you have no idea the troubles I have had making this kind of soap with this scent. This is actually my third attempt at making it. The first time I made this soap, it turned completely brown. This is due to the vanilla that is in the fragrance oil. Any type of vanilla turns cold process soap a tan or dark brown depending on how much vanilla is present in the fragrance oil. The colors didn't come out exactly the way I wanted it to but this is what happens when you use the cold process method of making soap. You never know how the end result will look til it is finished unlike with melt and pour soaps you can see the results right away. So even though this did not turn out quite the way I wanted it, it still has a unique look about it and the lather is fabulous. I am currently using this soap now and my skin is absolutely baby soft. Pink Sugar is one of my all time favorite scents and I am happy how this is now available for sale. I have a lot of customers that have been asking me many times about this soap and I hate disappointing them. So finally a Pink Sugar Soa that I can be proud of. :-)
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