June Is Fast Approaching!!!

As some of you may know that we are moving the end of the June and so much needs to be done. It is very hard to keep track of orders and prepare to move at the same time. As of June 1st, both the website and the Etsy shop will only have the soaps available for purchase. Why is this so? Well I make most of the other products from scratch, the lotions, Bath Bombs, Silky Body Powder, Perfume Spray, the scrubs etc etc. The ingredients to make these items need to be put away for the move and it will be hard to make the other products and try to pack them at the same time. I will of course have a huge soap sale during the month of June. The last week in June I will be closing til the second week in July so we can prepare for the closing date, moving and trying to get settled in our new home. So much has to be done between then and now. We are moving from one house to the another large house. The weeks seem to be moving so fast and there is just never enough time for anything. :-)

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