Happy Mother's Day May 11, 2008

I would first like to wish all the wonderful moms a Happy Mother's Day. What does Mother's Day mean to me? I am very proud that I am a mother to a wonderful hard working young man. He had many struggles in his life growing up as a child with learning disabilities and he still struggles everyday but he manages to surprise me every single day. I have said to myself "I did good raising him" despite raising him alone as a single parent. He is so very independent, bright and cheerful young man and so dedicated to proving everyone wrong that he can make it on his own and he has. It makes me swell with pride to know that I raised my son to not to depend on anyone and he has to make his own way in life no matter how hard the struggle is. He is the best and many hugs to you Joe.

My mom is the best too. Although my mom has raised us literally by herself I have learned from the best. She did the best she could with what she had and we have had some great childhood memories as a result. Great wonderful family times, Christmas's, birthdays, vacations we all took. Great great memories that I am so proud to share with my husband and son.

Mom words can not express how grateful I am that you taught me the things I needed to know without getting the knowledge herself from her your own mom.

Thank you for being there in helping me raise my son and being there for your advice in parenting and being there to let me make my own mistakes as a new parent when Joey was growing up.

Thank you for the shoulder to lean on when I needed you most.

Thank you for the long talks, lunches and good laughs we shared over the years.

Thank you for your inspiration and guidance through some of the toughest decisions I have made.

Thank you for being there in the delivery room coaching and holding me and feeding me those ice chips when I was giving birth.

Thank you for all the great childhood memories that will last a life time.

Thank you for letting me make huge mistakes and not chastising me for them, but now I have learned from those mistakes.

In closing, Thank you for just being my MOM

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