Great News!!!!!

Wow words can not express how I am feeling right now. Yesterday was Mother's Day and a very memorable one at that. My husband and I have been looking at homes for about 2 weeks and we really only been to maybe two locations. One here in our town and one about 2 miles outside our town. Well last Saturday (May 3, 2008) we stumbled upon a community of homes called Victory Lakes. It is about 2 miles west of my town so very close by. And we looked at 3 homes that they only had left for sale. Well after seeing the first 2 we were like WOW and then we finally got to the last of the three and said " this is it". We were in awe over how large this house was and the high ceilings it had. The kitchen took up the majority of the first floor. The house is a 3 story townhome with 3 bedrooms, a office, and 2 1/2 baths, 2 detached car garage, gas fireplace in the kitchen a separate laundry room on the second level near the master bedroom, a huge family room on the third level and lots and lots of closet space. It was perfect for up. It is about 2,600 sq ft so twice the size of what we currently own.

Well during all of last week we gave them a deposit to hold the house so we can look for a mortgage lender and we finally found one on Saturday May 10, 2008 and we were prequalified for the loan. Sunday Mother's Day which was yesterday, we signed the purchase agreement contract and we have been on cloud nine since. Our sales manager gave us the key again so we can go look at it again. We are so sure we made this choice. It did seem like it came out of no where and it really did actually. We really weren't prepared to buy a house being that we still haven't put our current home up for sale but if we didn't get this house now, we would be regretting it later. And I don't want any regrets.

We go to settlement on June 27, 2008 and will be in our new house the next day.

I will have some photos our our new home soon!

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