What's Coming For May?

I have been working very hard over the past month on new soaps for May and a few other items that I have been asked many many times for. So What is coming for May?

May is a month for all new things. New weather, new trees, flower buds everything that has died is back alive again. With all the Spring rain we are getting, May will bring all the wonderful weather finally.

Some of my items will be discontinued. Why? Lack of sales for these particular items. You never know how well something sells till it is out. Not many will be discontinued but only a few items.

We have some really cool looking and great smelling soaps coming in May, such as

Mandarin Neroli Cornmeal (similar to our Raspberry Cormeal) but made with a essential oil blend.

Sweet Pink Sugar

Chocolate French Vanilla Nut

Lemon Ginger

Jasmine Rose

All with these great soaps will come Shampoos & Conditioners. Yes finally. I am not sure if these shampoos & conditioners will do well on Etsy so I will only have them available through our website for now.

What other soaps are in the works? I am planning on making a batch of Clean scented soap. This fragrance is awesome and I am looking forward to this soap. I will also have some really new spring like soaps coming soon. They may arrive late May or early June.


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