Why yes I have stumbled upon another great Etsy seller. Who is it this week? The shop is called Designtalentedone I saw some really unique items in this shop that you must stop by and check out. Here are my 3 item picks from their shop.

I like to call this the snake light!!Or a beautiful sculpture that you yourself can create!,,,How cool is that? Imagine what you can do with this type of light. You can bend it in any shape or form. Use it for soft lighting at parties, a night light, a light to display hanging jewelry on. Use your imagination here, what fun can you have with this light?? You can wrap it around things and you can move the fabric back and forth to be thicker in one area or thinner allowing more light, it's yours to design.

The Snake light/sculpture light is made by a parallel serial grouping of micro bulb, they are protected by pvc envelope. Power supply 120 volts. On and off switch. Length 3 feet and 8 inches, cord is 3 feet 9 inches. First plug it in when you get it, let it warm up for a few minutes then unplug it and bend it in any form you want. Don't bend when plugged in and not for child use. The fabric casing is gold silk and edged off in dark green thread to give it definition. The light part is waterproof for outdoor use, but watch cord and switch, keep protected if rain. Life span 15,000 hours depending on use.

Well, ceramic class is a blast and here is my finished product. I'm so proud of my little orbs that even if they don't sell, my stars how beautiful they will look in my Italy, wine and grapes decor kitchen! Perhaps you can put them in a basket or put them on candle holders, or a beautiful bowl. Perhaps you can mix them in with other orbs. These hand poured into mold little orbs are wonderful. They have been painted and glazed for a beautiful colorful finish. The are sold in a set of 3, the listed price is for that 3 as a set. There is dark burgundy grapes, yellow grapes and pink rosey grapes. Please convo me with which color set you would like to purchase. The size of them is with tape measure going around 13" and I would say they are approximately 4 1/2" sized spheres.

This necktie purse has a black leather bottom for durability and a black leather grip on handle. The handle is hard plastic covered with the end of the tie. There are 2 snap closures. Colors would go great with blue jeans and they are yellow, blue and browns. Black silk flower attached to handle. I wanted this to have a feminine shape sort of like a corset and I think I have achieved that. I have supported sides with fabric covered plastic binding that would be in a corset. This is a very fun unique statement to add to your wardrobe.

Such great items in this lovely Etsy Shop. Want to know more about the shop? Here is some info from Designtalentedone.

Hello, My name is Lashell and I am glad to be here with all the wonderful creative people on Etsy. I love to promote handmade instead of mass production because handmade means items of the heart. My first hand creation was growing a vegetable garden. My brother and I, 7 and 9 years old filled our red wagon and traveled the city blocks selling fresh vegetables. They would wait for us each weekend and we made them smile. Then, father made knitting needles out of coat hangers and mother sat with me to make egg warmers and they made people smile too. I started to learn at 7 I could make people happy by what I create. Then, Mother gave the foot treadle sewing machine to me and I made Barbie doll Clothes. By high school I was working with clay, sculpture, design, and getting straight A’s. Graduating, growing, sharing from my heart anything that felt good to make, that made people smile and be happy. From that I got a strong wellness from passions in the heart and sharing them. I realized creating made me happy and well in being.

I am one to be different in a wonderful way. A way that makes people smile. I will be bold in color sometimes and then soft and suttle, here at Etsy you have my personality of variety. I am more of a perfectionist, and can be hard on myself at times. Just rip it apart and start it again, for this creation has to be right and make someone happy. There is something for everyone with all that I create because my mind cannot stand still. It cannot do one thing over and over, it has to blossom and give change and take chance to be bold, outstanding and unique. Through this positive thinking that I have aquired I have become a unique person and it shows in my work. I want to bring you up close and personal to my items by looking at them, purchasing them and adoring them. By doing this you have the heart of a friend in your hands. It is part of me in someones life and I thank you. I think when your heart is big, your passion is big, so it shall be in your work.

I call myself the zsa zsa of creation sometimes whimsically

I want to thank Designtalentedone for allow me to feature them this week on my blog.

>>> Photos and descriptions courtesy of designtalentedone
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