The Blue Beamer!!!

What did we do last week? Well my husband sent me a email asking to check out a link, so I did and what was it, a link to a BMW dealer where we live. I said to myself, "uh oh". So I clicked on the link and saw this beautiful 330I BMW. So when he gets home I said WOW that car is amazing. I asked him if he wanted to go take a look at it, and he said yeah why not. So we get there and the first thing we spotted was this car.

The car was all shined up and ready for us to come look at it. We both got our undies in a bunch just looking at it so we decided to go in and ask about it and we eventually test drove the car. The lady handed us the keys (which by the way the sales woman name Pauline was awesome) and let us go test drive the car alone. We took it through the neighborhood and then on to the highway. Such power and so different from our luxury 1999 Acura TL. As we were driving it we both kept saying to each other "what do you think" and then we both laughed at each other because we knew we wanted to get it. Well we winded up driving off the BMW lot with this car last Friday evening in shock that we made this awesome purchase. It was hard saying goodbye to the Acura, which was in great condition and got a good trade in value for it. But who can resist a Mistic Blue 330I BMW.And btw we weren't even looking to buy a new car or even talked about buying a new car but it has always been in the back of my husband mind to get the car he has always wanted and I had no beef about it at all. Why shouldn't he enjoy driving in a car that he wants. I love my little Toyota and don't want to part with it yet. Plus I love the car too so that was a added bonus for him deciding on getting it. Who am I to say Hey you can't have this car. Who wouldn't want it. If we can afford to have it, I say go for it. It is not like we spend our money on foolish things. :-)

Here are some other pics of the car.This is the engine. Sweet!

This is the inside of the car. It is black but who cares. The windows are all slightly tinted but you can't see here as the windows are all rolled down. And it also has a open top.



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