What New at Pegasus Handmade Soaps?

Well I have been working hard to update my website. I have totally redesigned it. You have no idea unless you have a website and do all of the designing and arranging how much time it takes to do. Now that I have pretty much finished the colors schemes, rearranging, adding and deleting. Now I am working on new and improved labels. Now that I use waterproof labels I wanted a more professional looking label. I am happy with these for now but I know how I am, I probably will change them again, but no time soon as I have to retake all the products and that is soooooo time consuming as well. As I don't keep my products on shelves because I do not use preservatives in most of my products, I have what you call "demo" items just for photo taking. So I have a shelf just for those. I have to relabel all of them and then off to take the photos. I am the worse photo taker. I am not very good at it so I pretty much stick with the solid white background without setting up shots with all the extra stuff in the background. This way it displays the items without all the other distractions to take away from the products.

I wanted to post a pic of it but nowadays with photoshop and paintshop pro, I don't want anyone to copy it. Its so easy now to copy items off the web without the right click hold feature. I will post a picture of the actual label on one of the products soon.

So stop pass my website for the new look. I love the new look as it as not as dark as the last one. Pegasus Handmade Soaps
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