New Featured Whipped Soaps

I have a new featured soap this week. Spiced Carrot Cake Whipped Soap. Fantastic lather, great scent, and absolutely great bar of soap. I have been getting many request from other sellers on how to make this. Yes the soap is very intriguing and I know there are so many people curious about making it. It wasn't easy for me at first but with practice I managed to come up with my own unique style of making them.

In case you have missed the others in my line of Whipped Soaps, this one is one of my favorites too. Huckleberry Whipped Soap. This is featured in my banner at the top. On the top of the soap is scented sprinkles of sugar. A nice touch and a little exfoliant.

This soap is called Tropical Summer. I like this one as it has a combination of different fruit blends. It reminds me of laying on a beach drinking a fruity drink. Lovely scent for the Spring and Summer time and loads of lather. And yes it floats in the water too.

Another favorite of mine. This is called Love Spell(VS Type) Whipped Soap. This was my second batch of Whipped soap that I was able to complete with no drama. LOL. I love the scent of this soap. It is one of my favorite scent from Victoria Secret. The blocks may look small but they are actually the same weight as the other soaps that are listed. It weighs approx 4-4.5 oz. Very light and creamy with loads of lather as well.

This is called Monkey Farts. Yes I know the name is funny. But that is the name of the scent, so I decided to just give it that name. Monkey Farts is a nice caribbean scent, very light and fragrant. I get a lot of requests for this scent so I made it into one of my favorite Whipped Soaps. This was actually my first successful whipped soap batch. :-)

I hope you get the chance to try one of these wonderful soaps. They are made from scratch and are good for your skin. Yes they are made from scratch. Not melt and pour. If you want to try on of these fabulous soaps, stop by my Etsy shop or Pegasus Handmade Soap Website for more info and price. I ship M-F sometimes Saturday so you items will get to you fast.

I must give my banner maker her day in the spotlight. She was so kind as to make me a banner exactly the way I wanted it. Very creative and a eye for design. She is located at Etsy too can her shop is called Craftysteph. Thank you for all your work on my banner.

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