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I have met some really awesome Etsy sellers on Etsy this past year and since I have been featuring some of them, brings me so much joy to show others what Etsy sellers have to offer. I met this Etsy seller on the sites chat room and was so intrigued by their shop that I asked them if they would like to be features this blog.

The shop is called MnMTreasures Below are some of the fabulous items they have in their shop. :-)

Cat-Mouse Tic-Tac-Toe Wooden Game and Wall Hanging

This is the last one we have left, so it is really one of a kind!

This adorable Cat-Mouse Tic-Tac-Toe game makes a unique gift. It is functional as either a game and wall hanging. Comes with the Cat game board along with 5 cat and 5 mice playing pieces.The game board is approximately 10" wide and 19" tall.

Apple 2 Collapsible Wood Basket-Trivet makes a Unique, Amazing Gift

Each of these clever handcrafted treasures ships/stores flat and serves as a Trivet (hot plate). Then when you want the basket, the Trivet cleverly folds open to become a standing basket.

We cut each basket out of a single piece of select solid Oak using a band saw. Each basket has been beautifully finished with Danish Oil to withstand heat. This magnificent centerpiece gift has a wide range of uses.

This Apple2 basket measures approximately 8.5" wide, 11" tall and .75" deep when 'folded' flat. (Decorative candy and display fruit inside basket not included)

Jada Belt Buckle 003 - Bring new life to those old jeans

Bring new life to those old jeans!!! This multicolored belt buckle will bring a new look to any outfit. Hand embellished with colorful glass. Metal belt buckle measures 3.75" x 2.75". Fits any 1.5" snap belt (not included).

Oval Shape Collapsible Wood Basket-Trivet makes a Unique, Amazing Gift

This Oval Shape basket measures approximately 10" wide, 6.5" tall and .75" deep when 'folded' flat. (Candy & display Apples not included)

Who are MnMTreasures? Lets find out who they are and how they got started. :-)

MnM Treasures

Michele and Mike are the wife “n” husband team of MnM Treasures. We both love to make unique, functional gifts that are great for any occasion and will be appreciated for years to come! We had a lot of fun and success selling our handcrafted treasures at craft shows until we took 10 years off to start raising our 5 children - ages 5 to 12. We are now proud to be able to offer our treasures online to the world with Etsy from our home located in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.

Our pride and joy is our selection of Collapsible Baskets, each handcrafted from a single piece of oak wood. These amazing gifts lay flat to serve as a trivet (hot plate), and then cleverly fold open to become a standing basket that can be filled with candy, potpourri, soaps, dried flowers…use your imagination! The original 5 shapes have grown into one of the largest selections of collapsible baskets in the United States with over 40 shapes and sizes. Many were originally custom orders from our craft show customers that have been added to our collection. From designing to selecting the wood to cutting, sanding and finishing, each basket is truly a labor of love and creativity.

In addition, our Etsy store includes the "Jada Belts" line of unique handcrafted belt buckles which make distinctive belts for women and girls with style. In between all of the children’s activities, Michele somehow finds time to create these unique mosaic belt buckles that can bring new life to those old jeans! Please visit us soon at:

>>>>Photos and description courtesy of MnMTreasures
Thank you for allowing me to feature your wonderful shop!
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