Why yes there is another featured seller this week. A new and upcoming shop at Etsy. FireDancer Designs

FireDancer Designs has cards that are one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork, many of them created from their original block prints. Also, if handmade paper is a part of the card, it is paper they have made from recycled materials.

Lets take a look at some of what FireDancer Designs has to offer.

A piece of handmade paper has been embedded into a vanilla scented pillar candle. When it is lit, a beautiful glow is created, highlighting the leaves in the paper. The candle stands 3 inches tall and is 3 inches wide. It comes wrapped with raffia and adorned with a natural wooden bead.

Let your friends know you are thinking of them by sending them one of these beautiful sewn cards. Each card has a piece of handmade paper sewn onto it with white thread. The handmade paper has flecks of pink flowers in it. Cards measure 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches. The light pink card also has lace-like handmade paper sewn under it giving it a whispy look.

This image really started it all, she is the first thing I ever carved and printed, in fact I used the original so many times I had to create a new one and this is the result! She is printed in black ink on a sheet of burnt orange and a sheet of bright blue acid-free cardstock. Images come unmounted and ready to be framed or added as an embellishment to nearly anything. The image measures 4 x 6 inches on sheets measuring 6 x 9 inches.

Lets hear what FireDancer Designs says about herself:

Being a new stay at home mom I had to find something that would be a creative outlet for me, as well as a possible source of income, this is what lead me to opening FireDancer Designs.
My name is Kimberly; I am 26 years old and live in Dayton, Ohio with my wonderful husband, our amazing 6 month old son, and our slightly neurotic beagle. For as long as I can remember crafting has been a part of my life. I get it from my parents; my mom is always baking, or crafting, and my dad is a draftsman and woodworker.

The style of the items in my Etsy shop is simple and natural. I enjoy creating handmade paper, original block prints, note cards and experimenting with all kinds of art materials. Block-printing and papermaking were techniques I learned while working at an art supply store and I love how unpredictable they can be; you never really know what the print or sheet is going to end up looking like. Every print or sheet is unique and special.

One of my most shining moments on Etsy is when I found one of my creations in someone’s Treasury – that made me feel as good as if I had sold something! Even though I am still in search of the elusive first sale, my advice for fellow Etsians is to stay optimistic and don’t get down on yourself if you don’t sell something in the first week, or first month, just keep creating, listing and promoting.

FireDancer Designs can be found at
Myspace, Flicker, and Indiepublic.

Also Etsy has become a family affair, my mom’s shop is Sweets On Sticks and my dad’s is Creations In Wood.

So please take some time and stop past Fire Dancer Designs, Comments are most welcomed and it was a pleasure featuring this new up can coming Etsy shop


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