Featured New Seller on Etsy

I was browsing through my hearted items and shops at Etsy and saw this unique shop. I had to feature it because they have some wonderful silky flower arrangements.

The shop that I want to feature this week is Everafter Florals. They have a wide assortment of silk floral decor for weddings, home or office, special events, parties, holidays, baby showers and more. They also do Custom orders of any size and for all occasions or just for you. I love their floral arrangements and the photos are so well done. I had to let everyone know about this wonderful new shop that just popped up on Etsy.

Here are just a few of what they have in their Etsy Shop.

This is First Love Wedding Bouquet. Stunning! Beautiful light pink and white silk roses are accented with a white lace collar.

Classic Round Silk Bridal Bouquet. Handcrafted on a white plastic holder, the white lace collar adds a touch of elegance.

One of my favorites is this elegant design is loaded with roses! It has 7 large open roses 1 small open rose and 1 rosebud.

The best part about these floral arrangements is that they will last a lot longer than the real deal. Just absolutely beautiful shop at Etsy, so please stop by and take a look at their beautiful floral arrangements.

>>>>>Photos and descriptions courtesy of Everafter Florals


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