This Is Why I Enjoy What I Do

Well I was just informed earlier that a customer of mine featured me on their blog. A Etsy Seller that recently bought one of my Body Washes. I was so flattered and happy to know this. This is why I enjoy what I do. Not only to make my customers happy but I want them to enjoy what I have to offer. I make my products available to everyone because I also use them myself. I'm not out to make a quick buck. I actually really love experimenting with different recipes and using them myself. I use all my soaps, all my lotions, creams, etc etc. So there are not just made for customers use but for myself and for my family to enjoy as well.

Please take the time to read up on what my customer had to say about me at Heart Hugs Designs blog

She is wonderful and you can also take a look at her lovely shop at Hearts Hugs Designs

I so do appreciate her taking the time to feature myself and my products. :-)

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