TGIF :-)

Well the weekend is finally here and it has been such a long week. Between the weather going from 72 degrees earlier in the week to the high of only 30. All the freezing rain and cold blustering weather, its time for a nice warm up. I have to admit that our winter here in the DC area has been mild compared to the midwest and other parts of the country getting hit with really bad winter snow storms and winter winds and hurricanes. It has been extremely bad for a lot of areas but we sort of skated right through it with barely 2 inches of snow all season. But I will take it. Although I am a snow person being from Phila and love the snow. But being here in the DC area the storms seem to really bypass us and heads up north.

So the weekend is finally here and this is my weekend to just relax and take it easy. It has been a very busy week for me. Orders coming in left and right and has kept me on my toes. But this my anniversary weekend and me and hubby are gonna spend all weekend to ourselves. Yes it is our 2 anniversary and I married a wonderful guy. :-) So I hope everyone takes some time this week and smell the roses.


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