New Items Available

Yes I have a few new items available in both my Etsy shop and the Website.

Fist on the list is our new Whipped Soaps are now available. What is whipped soap? Well it is the same as cold process soaps but made slightly different. Solid oils and liquid oils are whipped til they are a consistency of whipped cream, then the water/lye solutions is added to the whipped oils slowly and whipped, whipped and whipped. A stick blender is not used to achieve this whipped texture. No need to hurry along as this soap batch does not heat up but the saponification process is much slower and no gelling phase. I have to say it took me a long time to make the first batch and I did mess it up so by the second batch, I pretty much got the hang of it. Although I love making soaps using this method but no matter what color you use, it will be a opaque color because of the whipped texture of the soap. This soap is fantastic. I got to use one of them the other night and love how it just floats on top of the water and the lather is fantastic. Yes I am tooting my own horn here :-)

First up is the Monkey Farts Whipped Soap. I have already posted the pre curing stage of this soap but it is ready to use. This is one of my most popular scents that is requested when a customer wants to customize their products. So I decided to use this scent in one of these fabulous soaps.

Next up is Love Spell Whipped Soap. This is the soap that I tried the other night and oh my does it smell terrific. I am a fan of Love Spell by Victoria Secret and just decided to just finally do a soap with this scent. I love the lather and yes this floats too in water. :-)

I have a few more that will be ready in a couple of weeks. I know you will just love those too.

Other new soaps I have available

Sage & Citrus Handmade Soaps. This is back by popular demand. This is my second batch of this soap. I didn't realize how well this would sell and it did quite well. I have been asked to make another batch and here it is back better than ever.

Natural Oatmeal Handmade Soap. This is also back too. This did extremely well. Although I use a fragrance oil in this soap, I did not add any color to this and loaded with a lot of oatmeal. More than I did the first time so not only does it lather very well but it is rich and creamy due to the oatmeal. Excellent for the skin.

And last but certainly not least. New Pure Herbal Handmade Soap. This was originally a test batch to see how the scent was going to react. I had no intention of selling this batch but since it came out so nice and the scent held up very well, I decided to just make it available but it is limited because I only have a few of these available. Approx 8 of these. Although I make my soaps in small batches because they just don't go flying off my shelves I only did this batch limited quantities. My batches are usually about 12 to 14 bars per loaf.

So it you are interested in any of these lovely soaps, please stop by our website or our Etsy shop.
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