Newly Listed Items

Well since this is the first day of the new year, I thought I would post some new items. Actually I was waiting to get my new camera before I started taking new pictures. I love my new Canon A570 IS. My pictures don't need much editing now and I can kick that old one to the curb. My sensor went bad on my old Canon and Canon was nice enough to fix the bad sensor (which they knew about) free of charge but ever since I got the camera back, my photos have been having this green tint to the photos. So even though they fixed the problem,(my screen was not coming on and it was pitch black), the camera hasn't functioned like it use to, so thought it was time to get rid of it.

Ok so much for that. Well I have a few new fun items listed. The first item is these cute adorable Sponge N Soap cupcakes. These were introduced to a customer of mine from my website who asked me if I could do a custom order for her. These cute little soaps were made for her Wedding shower. Each of her guest were given one of these along with a Thank You card attached when the guest left for the night. I thought it was such a neat idea and decided to make 25 of these for her. These are custom scented already and each color sponge is assigned to a certain scent. I no longer have Pink as I will be getting more Pink and more off white colors. The Pink colors were for my custom order, so I will have some listed soon.

Ok next on the list are the Mens Polo Glycerin Soaps. I will have more mens products available soon. I will keep you posted when they will be listed both on Etsy and on the Website. I currently have a couple of soaps curing as we speak just for men. Mens skin need love too.

Last but not least..Large Loofah Glycerin Soaps. I use to have these before but decided to bring these back after someone mentioned to me about selling them at one point. They really didn't do so well the firs time around so let try it the second time around and see how they go.

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