Never Enough Time

Why does it never seem to be enough hours in the day to do everything? Sometimes I get so stressed out because there just never seems to be enough time for anything anymore. I feel I need to step back and smell the roses. Between all the work I put in, making soaps, photos, and now having some items on Ebay, cooking, cleaning, car maintenance, family, husband, my son, and all the other small things, there never seems to be enough time for myself. I feel like I am trying to please everyone and do everything. I have always been this way and although I do know how to say NO and on many occasions I have. That is not really the point, people don't expect me to do for them and they know how I am, if I don't have the time or just don't want to do it, I say NO. But its the things that you NEED to do to keep things running in the household and with your family. Those are the things that I am talking about. Especially the cleaning part. Oh don't get me wrong, my husband does his share but overall I do most of it. We all know that most of our husband when they do it, they don't quite do it the way we do it so we always jump in and take over LOL. I think it is just in our nature to take over.

But every hour on the hour is filled and there is always something that takes up my time during the day. So the weekends I try to squeeze in "my time". Meaning no work, not soaps, no picture taking, limit my computer use and just relax and have some me time. I think we all need to do this or we will just completely burn out, and from my past experiences with my jobs, raising my son, and running a household, I had burned out so bad that I left and moved to another state. LOL I really was at my wits end. I was working as a Regional manager of a womans clothing store in Philadelphia. I pretty much ran it all myself as my boss (the owner) pretty much left the store to me to run. I took care customers, payroll, shopping for the store, hiring, you name it I did it. It was basically my store and I did as I pleased with it. I had full control. Something I always dreamed of having and doing.

I was working very long hours. I was so burned out I couldn't see straight. Now do I miss it, HELL NO. I wouldn't trade my life for that life again ever! But you live and learn and you think all that hard work did pay off but at what price? I got what I wanted, success, a new home, money. I got so burned out that you didn't know how to have a private life anymore. The only day I had off was on a Monday and all I did was sleep. I didn't know my family anymore and all you did was work all the time. When I bought my new home, I couldn't stay in it long enough to enjoy it. What was the point? At what price is all the success and new things bring when you can't be home to enjoy it all. I rather be happy then be successful and miserable but no one said you can't have both, but being successful can have its price. I think it is how you handle it and manage it. My philosophy is, family should always come first, and everything else second.

So in closing, I just want everyone to know that it is ok to have time to yourself. Even if it is for an hour or so. Just to kick back and relax and enjoy life with or without the kids, without work, without any other interuptions. I enjoy my time with my husband as we have such a good time. I love laughing and having fun. And I enjoy spending what little time with my son when I go to visit him. And believe me life is short because before you know it, your kids will be grown and out of the house and its just you and your spouse. Take advantage of what life has to offer. You never know what tomorrow will bring.

Take care
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