Friday, November 30, 2007

New Aromatherapy Bath & Body Massage Oils

Well they are finally here. I have been working on getting these wonderful massage oils. These are awesome as I use these oils when I have a really stressed out day. I massage my feel my neck and back with these oils. These oils can be used in the bath as well. Just pour a cap full or two into a warm bath, take a deep breathe,sit back and relax.

This oil blend is made with Almond oil which is a medium oil that absorbs into the skin very quickly. This oil is widely use by massage therapist. It is pale yellow color. It is slightly oily which will give your hands a easy glide over the skin.

The second oil blend is Sunflower oil. Sunflower oil is a very light oil. non greasy and won't leave your skin feeling oily. This oil is extracted from the sunflower.


Deep Relaxation & Stress Reduction
Relief of Muscle Tension & Stiffness
Reduced Muscle Spasms
Greater Joint Flexibility
Increased Efficiency of Movement
Improved Posture
Strengthen Immune System

I have had numerous request for these wonderful oils and I am happy to provide them to my customers. I had to supply the right oils and essential oils to have these available.

New Item At My Etsy Shop

New size deodorant containers. Some customers have requested a larger size container and here they are. These containers are 1.8 oz size and hold a lot more than the mini samplers size. I wanted to see how well the deodorant bars do and size they went over pretty well from my website, I decided to add them to my Etsy shop and to the website as well. These deodorant bars are all natural and can be scented with all natural essential oils or can be scented with a popular fragrance oil. Please not that if scented with a fragrance oil, the deodorant bars are only about 98% natural. If you want to go all natural I suggest using the essential oils.

Pegasus Handmade Soaps

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Just Reached MY 400 sale! WOW

I am doing cartwheels right now. I was hoping by the end of they year I will reach 400 but I made it way before then. I am so pleased with myself. I can't believe that I made that many sales on Etsy. I know there are many other soap shops on Etsy to compete with but I guess my attitude is don't look at the other shops and see what they are doing as it will only discourage me. I had to focus on what I was doing and realize that there will always be other shops on Etsy that sell what I sell have more sales but I am not those other shops. I have to focus more on what I have to offer as a my own shop.

Ok just had to share that good news.

New Silky Body Powder 3 oz size

I have a new size bottle for my Silky Body Powders. I as asked many of times if I can get these in a small travel size. Well your questions have been answered. These are really neat to have. I like the idea of carrying something smaller when we travel instead of taking the large size bottle which takes up a lot of room in my travel accessories bag. This Silky Body powder can be scented with the available scents I have listed in my Etsy shop and at my website. I haven't updates my website yet with these, but will soon have them available there.

Weekend Sales Figures

Well not what I expected as I can not go any lower than what I am offering for my soaps. I was expecting to do a little better with the Mega Soap sale but it turned out to be less. But I am keeping my head up and moving on. I did get a few sales out of it but only one soap sale. I just thought it was a awesome deal but people just basically really don't like my soaps. I guess it doesn't matter how good they are for you, I am just thinking it because they are not fancy with swirls and bright colors and shapes. I like to be unique and have my soaps different for the same soap shops you see with the same square shape sizes and all the fancy swirls. Some people just prefer simple soaps without colors. But then again some just don't want to try something new and stick to the shops they are use to buying from. I completely understand.

I guess I miss spoke. I just got another sale on the soaps. A repeat customer just bought 8 of my soaps

As of January 1st of this year I will cut back on the making of my soaps. They aren't selling as well as I thought. I can't believe that my melt and pour sold better than my naturally made soaps are. But I will not go back to selling melt and pour. I love doing these soaps so much better than melt and pour. But I will cut back on making them because I am so back up on soaps that I have to get another shelf in my supply room just to store them. So I realize that they aren't selling as well as I expect but its ok. My husband suggested that I stop selling them an concentrate on my other products since they so much better than the soaps. I was like Hmmm "a online called Pegasus Handmade Soaps and No soaps". I told him I don't think that would fly so well.LOL I will always carry soap just not a lot in supply because of the demand for them is not great.

Ok until next time

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Black Friday Mega Soap Sale

We are having a Mega Sale on all of our soaps on Black Friday, November 23rd, Saturday and Sunday. Buy 1 soap at regular price and get the second bar of soap for $1.00 No limit. Plus we still offer 6 bars of soap for a flat rate of $4.90 flat rate. Our Whipped Parfait Ice Cream Soaps are excluded from this sale .Customers must put in the message box at checkout "soap sale" to receive the discount. We will send you a Paypal invoice with the discount for you to pay.

Seasons Greetings :-)
Pegasus Handmade Soaps

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Finished A Custom Order

I just finished my largest order from Etsy since I have been there. This customer had did all her Christmas shopping in my store for her co workers and I was so pleased she decided to pick my shop out of all the wonderful bath and body shops on Etsy. Plus she got a huge 25% off her bill during my Etsyaniversary week sale. I just want to give a shout out to her for being so patient with me and getting her order ready for shipping. :-)

Here are some of the items my products that she bought recently purchased.

2 Whipped Parfait Ice Cream Soap

2 Sweet Raspberry Vanilla Mango Scrub mmmmmm

2 Shea Butter Lotions

1 bar of Pink Lemonade Handmade Soap

10 jars of Whipped Frosting Cold Cream

I can feel the season about to pick up now as more orders from my website are starting to come in. I just sent out a newsletter letting customers know that December 10th will be my cut off time for Christmas orders. The pressure is on!!!! But I rather take my time with everyone's order and get them right then to rush and miss something. And please remember that I make everything from scratch. I have nothing sitting on my shelves drawing dust and have my products packed with preservatives. I do make everything when orders are processed. This is time consuming and have thought about having some of my products premade ahead of time to eliminate time. Some of my products are made in large bulk such as my Shea butter lotion. I make a large batch of the lotion which saves time when orders for it comes in. My Whipped Parfait Ice Cream soaps are now being made ahead of time since this soft soap takes almost an hour to make just 3 containers. Well last weekend I spent the whole afternoon making two HUGE batches of this whipped soap just so I can have some ready when someone orders it. That batch is almost gone as everyone loves this soap. :-) I am so so pleased that everyone is taking a liking to this soap. I LOVE making it and using it. My mother is so addicted to it especially when I make it in Pink Sugar.

Speaking of Pink Sugar. I just made a batch of Pink Sugar soap. I made one batch of this before and it was a disaster. The whole batch turned brown because of the vanilla that is in the fragrance oil. The entire soap turned BROWN. I was so upset but I never sold it because I wasn't sure if customers would want to buy this Pink Sugar soap looking so dark and brown. So I have a secret liquid that is added to the batch during trace to help eliminate the brown discoloration from the fragrance oil from turning my soap completely brown. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is successful and will find out tomorrow when I release the soap.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yeah Website is finished :-)

Wow what load off my back. Here is a screen shot of the website. I really don't like having it down for any length of time. Customers will assume you don't sell anymore and I didn't want to lose any of my old website customers.

As much as I love editing my website and using html, it is really tiring. I pretty much did my entire website. Except for the design of the website but the colors, patterns, logo, heading, and everything else was done by me. I really didn't think I would get it finished but its is finally done.

What is new at the website?

Well we have easier to view the shopping cart. When you add items to your shopping cart, you can see how much is in your shopping cart. We also have view your recent order status online. This I love as you don't have to register to view and find out the status of your order. I really hate having to register at other website so I chose not to have this feature on mine.

I was a little hesitant about having a Guest Book but I decided to just add this feature. You can view all the Sale items on one page which will make things easier too. So there are a lot of changes that were made and I am very pleased with the outcome. Nothing is perfect so there maybe still some things that may need to be changed or corrected but I am very happy with the outcome.

Please stop by my website. And please leave me a message on my guest book to let me know that you stopped by. I love receiving messages from people and from my customers.


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sale At Etsy! Don't Miss Out

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Yes we made it one year at Etsy! I have a shop at our Etsy shop and have had so much fun there. Etsy is still growing and still not that well known around the country but hopefully in time Etsy will be as Ebay

Come join us the week of November 5th to celebrate our 1 yr anniversary. Everything in the shop will be 25% off. EVERYTHING!

In order to take advantage of this great sale, you as the customer must wait for a invoice for correct discount and combine shipping cost to take advantage of this great offer. What is combined shipping? We weigh all the items together to give you a total shipping cost. Each item in our shop has a shipping cost but that is just for the 1 item. You must wait for me to send a invoice. We are only accepting Paypal payments for this sale ONLY!

Plus take advantage of our soap deal. Buy up to 6 bars of any bar of soap, and your shipping will be 4.90! Thats right 4.90! Great deal plus your 25% discount.

All are welcome!

Sale begins Monday November 5th and will end Saturday November 10th 12:00 midnight! So don't miss out on great savings and great products!

I want to give a warm THANK YOU to all my customers! I have had a great year and hope my next year will be just as great. It was a pleasure serving your bath and body needs.


~Pegasus Handmade Soaps

Website Update

I am working hard to get my website back up and running. I have recently switched to a new webhosting service and it takes a few days for them to get things up and running. Anyone who have switched services knows that it takes awhile to verify everything and get it going. But they are allowing me to start on it so that is what I have been up to the last few days til it is available. I am about halfway done as I had to redesign my logo and headings. New look and new pics along with a new webhosting service. Hopefully this will work out fine. Godaddy was good but I did not like how slow it was to update the website. Very slow. I even have broadband for my internet service and adding pictures and just basically doing any kind of routine updates was very slow so I had to leave and move to another.

For the time being my domain from my website is being forwarded to my Etsy shop so customers won't wonder where the heck did I go. LOL. It is very time consuming and I do all the work myself. I even had to learn html. I am not an expert on it but enough to know my way around and to things myself.

So thats it on my end. I will hopefully have it up sometime next week. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Take care