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How many of us have them? Sorry had to say that. How many of us have true friend that we can count on. Always there for you when you need them. Have coffee and just sit and chit chat.or watch each others kids when the other is out of town or just taking a day to themselves. A friend that will be there for you when you are feeling really low and need someone to confide in. A friend that will not compete with you with finances, who has the best looking house, who has the smartest kid or kids, who has the most expensive car to drive, who has the most money, fancy job etc. Do you have a friend like that? Friends are very few and hard to come by for me but I guess over the years I haven't had not one true friend that I done those things with as I stated above. All my adult life I chose to not have friends mainly because I can not find a true friend with all those qualities without them always trying to compete with you on every level. Jealousy plays a big role in why a lot of women can…

Frequently Askesd Questions

Here are some few questions that people have asked about homemade soaps made from scratch.

What makes homemade soaps from scratch different from commercial products?

My soaps don't have other artificial additives, synthetics, and detergents in them. It is a all natural glycerin still intact after the soapmaking process, and is much milder on the skin than any commercial soap. It can often help clear skin conditions on people who have problems with commercial products. I am speaking of all well made handmade soaps made from scratch.

Do you know why most bar soaps leave the sticky, dry feeling?

When you buy over the counter soaps they are not truly soap at all, but detergent bars (synthetic detergents). Real soap will be made from fats and oils such as palm, coconut, tallow, etc. They have been blended with lye or sodium hydroxide and that chemical process makes soap (called "saponification" which you are learning about in Chemistry). When you find these on the label, they wi…

10% Sale On The Website

Check out my website at Pegasus Handmade Soaps for 10% off Grand Opening Sale on your entire order now through September 15th! I have a sale on a few soaps in my Etsy Shop and that sale will be going on til Sept 15th as well.

Having A Bad Day!

OH man have you ever had one of those days where you just say Hell with everything! I am in such a bad irritating mood for no reason. Not that time of the month but I think a lot has to do with fustration. I am suffering with bad sinus problems and it is making me so cranky. I had noticed that no one really comes to my blog to read anything I have to say because frankly its boring. I agree its boring. All I have to talk about is my freakin soaps and my bath and body biz. Why is that the only thing I love to talk about, because its my passion. I love what I do and sometimes you just don't feel appreciated for what you do. My family thinks I am just wasting my time. Of course they will never come out and say it but I know that is what they think. Some may even be jealous because I can do what I want to do. I know some of my family thinks because my biz is not bringing in the big bucks why do I bother doing what I do, and spending hours and hours working on a website that no one coul…

New Etsy Shop For the Fall

Livia's Treasures

10% of all proceeds made by Livia's Treasures is donated to charity. Every month, we choose five major charities to highlight, but the number of charities that receive donations is unlimited. You may also choose, at the time of purchase, to donate your 10% portion to the charity of your choice. You may also purchase a catalog for only $2. When you purchase your catalog, you will also receive a $2 certificate good for your first order of $20 or more.

Buy Handmade

So What Is New?

I have about 2 new soaps coming soon. They are finished curing and are ready for sale very soon. My website if finally back up and running. Still dealing with a little site issues with some of the links and shopping cart but those will be ironed out over the next week or so but everything is looking good. I worked so hard over the past month getting this back up and running. I hope that everyone will find it user friendly to use. I have just about the same items that are listed on the website as I do on Etsy shop. I will be featuring more items on the site then on Etsy in the upcoming months with more soaps and other bath items. I will be having some massage bath oils and my Bubble Bath Jellies, Scented Solid Lotion Bars and a few other items that were discontinued due to the summer back this Fall when the weather gets cooler

Plus I just recently signed up for this new and cool website called I am just so hooked. Stop on by and check it out if you are a artist, design…

A Positive Thought For The Day

I’m sure you know at least one person that is always negative. This person is always a victim. If something goes wrong, it someone else’s fault. They don’t look for solutions, they look to assign blame. One of the jokes I have used is to blame the person who is not at work today. Blame is diffused and negativism can be minimized.Negativism makes as much sense as drinking poison and waiting for someone else to die. The truth is that negativism is in essence its’ own poison. It poisons our minds. It poisons our relationships. It poisons our creativity. It poisons our ability to get back up after being knocked down. It poisons our success. And last but not least, it poisons our happiness.When you dig a hole, you dig down you don’t dig up. When you build, you build up you don’t build down. Negativism is digging and positivism is building. If we spend most of our time building instead of digging our businesses and lives will benefit greatly.Stop and share a positive thought with someone yo…

Another Hot Shop At Etsy

This shop has the some of the cutest baby items. They are located in Crawley, West Sussex, England. They have everything from baby blankets to baby booties and much more. They even have free shipping on some of their items. So if you are in the US, UK or anywhere else, stop on by and check them out.

What's The Difference?

This is the differences between homemade soaps made from scratch and M & P soaps aka melt and pour. Here are just a few samples of what you will find in homemade soaps vs melt and pour soap bases.

Almond Oil - mature skin, sensitive or dry skin
Aloe Vera Oil- anti ageing, skin irritations, cuts and minor …

What's Cool For August

I will be featuring some really cool shops from Etsy. This is one of newest featured shops for August. GG Exclusives. They have only been on Etsy for about a couple of months and hope they have much success and fun there as I have. Check out the hot jewelry. Welcome To Etsy!

Check out their blog at