My Lip Balms are Featured this week.....

How exciting is that! I am featured on a blog this week fro my Shea Butter Lip Balms. They are a big hit and so many people love them. So what is my favorite of my lip balms? For me, I like the Mega Melon, mmmm and I also enjoy using the Strawberry Banana mix. I also have Cucukoo for Coconut which is not much of a favorite but it can be. I am thinking of mixing the flavors to see what they taste like with the coconut.

But please stop by and check out her blog. She is such a lovely person and stop and read my feature for the week. Please leave a comment if you like. I would really like to see who has stopped by.

So exciting to have someone like your products and wanting everyone to see it. (sighs)

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