Feeling The Christmas Pressure

This is can be a really tough time for everyone because of the stress and pressures to buy this time of the year. I know because I have felt the pressures too. But so many people in this country are going through some really tough times with money, losing their homes, medical problems, and just all around having it really bad. I have been feeling the pressures to buy Christmas gifts but for me Christmas is more about just buying gifts. Its spiritual day for many and a day to spend with family. We try not to focus so much on the pressures of gift giving but why this day is here. Christmas has become so commericalized over the years and people just need to stop and think about what you are spending, how much you are spending and why you are spending. Is it to impress the people you are buying for? To show people that you are not cheap and can give a gift even if you are broke and poor? Don't do it. Don't fall under the pressures of gift giving if you don't have it to give. People will still like you if you don't give them a gift. Christmas is just one day when you have the day after to think about and the rest of the up coming year. People put themselves in debt just to make others feel good is not a good thing to do. Try making something handmade or something that comes from the heart. Yes I know that most people don't appreciate something you made but that just shows you how some people really are.

So this is a huge hug for all the people that are having a rough time this year. Make Christmas your own and don't get into the Christmas rut and pressures of buying for every family member in your family. Aunts, Uncles, cousins, third cousins, nieces and nephews will survive this year without your gifts. If thy don't appreciate the fact that you just don't have it this year then they aren't really your family now are they?


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