Weekend Sales Figures

Well not what I expected as I can not go any lower than what I am offering for my soaps. I was expecting to do a little better with the Mega Soap sale but it turned out to be less. But I am keeping my head up and moving on. I did get a few sales out of it but only one soap sale. I just thought it was a awesome deal but people just basically really don't like my soaps. I guess it doesn't matter how good they are for you, I am just thinking it because they are not fancy with swirls and bright colors and shapes. I like to be unique and have my soaps different for the same soap shops you see with the same square shape sizes and all the fancy swirls. Some people just prefer simple soaps without colors. But then again some just don't want to try something new and stick to the shops they are use to buying from. I completely understand.

I guess I miss spoke. I just got another sale on the soaps. A repeat customer just bought 8 of my soaps

As of January 1st of this year I will cut back on the making of my soaps. They aren't selling as well as I thought. I can't believe that my melt and pour sold better than my naturally made soaps are. But I will not go back to selling melt and pour. I love doing these soaps so much better than melt and pour. But I will cut back on making them because I am so back up on soaps that I have to get another shelf in my supply room just to store them. So I realize that they aren't selling as well as I expect but its ok. My husband suggested that I stop selling them an concentrate on my other products since they so much better than the soaps. I was like Hmmm "a online called Pegasus Handmade Soaps and No soaps". I told him I don't think that would fly so well.LOL I will always carry soap just not a lot in supply because of the demand for them is not great.

Ok until next time
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