Website Update

I am working hard to get my website back up and running. I have recently switched to a new webhosting service and it takes a few days for them to get things up and running. Anyone who have switched services knows that it takes awhile to verify everything and get it going. But they are allowing me to start on it so that is what I have been up to the last few days til it is available. I am about halfway done as I had to redesign my logo and headings. New look and new pics along with a new webhosting service. Hopefully this will work out fine. Godaddy was good but I did not like how slow it was to update the website. Very slow. I even have broadband for my internet service and adding pictures and just basically doing any kind of routine updates was very slow so I had to leave and move to another.

For the time being my domain from my website is being forwarded to my Etsy shop so customers won't wonder where the heck did I go. LOL. It is very time consuming and I do all the work myself. I even had to learn html. I am not an expert on it but enough to know my way around and to things myself.

So thats it on my end. I will hopefully have it up sometime next week. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Take care
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