New Aromatherapy Bath & Body Massage Oils

Well they are finally here. I have been working on getting these wonderful massage oils. These are awesome as I use these oils when I have a really stressed out day. I massage my feel my neck and back with these oils. These oils can be used in the bath as well. Just pour a cap full or two into a warm bath, take a deep breathe,sit back and relax.

This oil blend is made with Almond oil which is a medium oil that absorbs into the skin very quickly. This oil is widely use by massage therapist. It is pale yellow color. It is slightly oily which will give your hands a easy glide over the skin.

The second oil blend is Sunflower oil. Sunflower oil is a very light oil. non greasy and won't leave your skin feeling oily. This oil is extracted from the sunflower.


Deep Relaxation & Stress Reduction
Relief of Muscle Tension & Stiffness
Reduced Muscle Spasms
Greater Joint Flexibility
Increased Efficiency of Movement
Improved Posture
Strengthen Immune System

I have had numerous request for these wonderful oils and I am happy to provide them to my customers. I had to supply the right oils and essential oils to have these available.

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