Finished A Custom Order

I just finished my largest order from Etsy since I have been there. This customer had did all her Christmas shopping in my store for her co workers and I was so pleased she decided to pick my shop out of all the wonderful bath and body shops on Etsy. Plus she got a huge 25% off her bill during my Etsyaniversary week sale. I just want to give a shout out to her for being so patient with me and getting her order ready for shipping. :-)

Here are some of the items my products that she bought recently purchased.

2 Whipped Parfait Ice Cream Soap

2 Sweet Raspberry Vanilla Mango Scrub mmmmmm

2 Shea Butter Lotions

1 bar of Pink Lemonade Handmade Soap

10 jars of Whipped Frosting Cold Cream

I can feel the season about to pick up now as more orders from my website are starting to come in. I just sent out a newsletter letting customers know that December 10th will be my cut off time for Christmas orders. The pressure is on!!!! But I rather take my time with everyone's order and get them right then to rush and miss something. And please remember that I make everything from scratch. I have nothing sitting on my shelves drawing dust and have my products packed with preservatives. I do make everything when orders are processed. This is time consuming and have thought about having some of my products premade ahead of time to eliminate time. Some of my products are made in large bulk such as my Shea butter lotion. I make a large batch of the lotion which saves time when orders for it comes in. My Whipped Parfait Ice Cream soaps are now being made ahead of time since this soft soap takes almost an hour to make just 3 containers. Well last weekend I spent the whole afternoon making two HUGE batches of this whipped soap just so I can have some ready when someone orders it. That batch is almost gone as everyone loves this soap. :-) I am so so pleased that everyone is taking a liking to this soap. I LOVE making it and using it. My mother is so addicted to it especially when I make it in Pink Sugar.

Speaking of Pink Sugar. I just made a batch of Pink Sugar soap. I made one batch of this before and it was a disaster. The whole batch turned brown because of the vanilla that is in the fragrance oil. The entire soap turned BROWN. I was so upset but I never sold it because I wasn't sure if customers would want to buy this Pink Sugar soap looking so dark and brown. So I have a secret liquid that is added to the batch during trace to help eliminate the brown discoloration from the fragrance oil from turning my soap completely brown. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is successful and will find out tomorrow when I release the soap.
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