My Whipped Parfait Ice Cream Soap

My famous Whipped Parfait Ice Cream Soap has been one of my most popular items to date. I have been asked numerous times to wholesale these soaps. I make these soaps from scratch per order and the process takes a long time to make. I do make these soaps in small batches, but the process is very long. To make 3 containers takes about 45 minutes to an hour to make. Mainly because the soap gets whipped three times its size and then has to be cooled. (now I can't give you detail by detail on how I make it) but I can give you an idea the process I go through to make it.

This is how the soap looks after I have mixed and whipped for about 10 minutes. The batch get so fluffy that I have to separate the soap into two containers. This one of the containers. This still needs to sit and cool a bit. The soap is still a little warm. I have to whipped this til it gets a fluffy light soap.

This photo is one of the separated batches that I began whipping again after it has cooled a bit. Ok my arms are starting to tire a bit but I must keep going to get it the texture I want it. It is very very fluffy and it looks so good that this is why I came up with the name Whipped Parfait because it looks so good I want to eat it.

Ok now that it has been whipped to this consistency. I begin to stir it a bit to get the volume to decrease a bit. It is very light and fluffy and once I begin to stir it will become a little creamier.

At this point it is cooled and ready for essential oils, fragrance oils and color if the customer request it. It then begins to get a rich cream look once it is stirred. And it is ready for the customer to enjoy! :-)

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