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I was recently talking to a long time customer of mine that has bought from me since day one and she loves my products but didn't know much about me. (ok ok I had to throw that in there) but she wanted to know how I got started with my bath and body products.

So I thought I put some FAQ's that some may want to ask but haven't :-)

Where am I from?

Well I am originally from NJ born and raised til HS and moved to Philadelphia right out of HS. I attended Temple for a short time and Computer training school for a year. I recently moved from Philadelphia after living there for 15yrs and I am currently in Northern VA with my husband who has been so supportive with my decision to do this. He is the best!

How did I get started?

Well I started looking into homemade bath and body products in late 2004. I was buying some products online from bath and body shops. Some of the stuff was sticky, oily, and loaded with the same stuff you buy in the markets. So I decided to look into making my products from scratch. Meaning using wholesome ingredients that doesn't have names I don't know how to pronounce and ingredients that are not detergents.

I did A LOT of research in libraries and online to see what I can come up with. I didn't think this would be my calling but you never know what you are capable of until you actually do it. So I said what do I have to lose. When I think back on it today, I have come along way.

What was the first product you made?

My first product I made was soap. I wanted my business to be about soap. Granted when I first started I did not make my soaps from scratch. I searched and searched til I found this awesome lady who makes melt and pour soaps herself. How does she do it, I have no idea but I don't know the process of how to make melt and pour soap but there must be some other method to make the soap able to melt and remelt again and again. So I knew it wasn't like making soap from scratch. I started out with this awesome base that was incredibly rich and creamy and I overall was pleased with it. I wasn't sure how anyone was going to receive my soap because getting yourself known and established was very hard especially in the Bath and Body industry when you are competing with top sellers that have been around for quite sometime. I later decided to make my own soap from scratch. This was very challenging to me because I never did anything like this before. Making your own soap from scratch is very hard to do and you have to be a little creative with the process. Not to mention dealing with LYE. I was scared to death to use that stuff because of the mishandling of it can cause burns if you are not careful. So after the first batch I was like (wow) I made it through the process. Then I became hooked. But I still use extreme caution using lye. Goggles, gloves, and a long sleeve jacket when using it. I have been making my own soaps since May of this year and I still will use precaution when use LYE. I will NEVER go back to any other soaps especially supermaket soaps which can leave your skin so dry and itchy.

How did you come up with the name Pegasus Handmade Soaps?

Well I wanted something that was different and unique. My first name was Heaven Scent but someone had that already. My second choice was Pegasus. The flying horse that I just adored when I was little. It was something about the Pegasus that made things pure and heavenly. So that stuck with me. I asked my husband how did he like that name and he thought it was different and unique and no one would ever think of that name. So we went with that. My first website Icon was a picture of a beautiful white horse, then later decided that I should use something more fitting to the shop like soap, bubbles, or the lady in the bathtub. :-)

Why should anyone buy my products?

Because unlike most sellers I make EVERYTHING from scratch. Ok just about everything from scratch. I don't just buy premade bases from suppliers and throw them in jars and add fragrance and herb and call it homemade. Its not. Someone already did the hard part in making it. I literally make all my scrubs, lotions, and soaps from scratch using my own recipes. It is very hard to come up with unique ideas. Sometimes I am up all night thinking of a new scrub or new soap to keep things fresh. But like I posted in my last post, it is very hard sometimes because you don't want to repeat the same things over and over again and you get into a creative funk. And to avoid going over board with my products and supplies I don't want to constantly keep coming up with new items to list because of the cost issue. The supplies are not cheap. Some of the supplies only last up to a year so if that idea that I come up with is not paying off with buying customers, those supplies will be wasted after a year because it is no good. So I have to be careful not to try so hard to constantly have to have new stuff listed on a weekly basis.

In closing what do you expect give to your customers?

I expect to give to each of my customer great quality products that I take very very seriously. I want my products to be affordable and reasonably priced. I have seen others sell basic lotion for over 9.00 for a 8 oz bottle. I myself would not pay 9.00 for lotion I don't care how good it is. To me that is very over priced. Some say that my Shea butter lotion is underpriced but hey thats me. I would only price my items in reference to what I am willing to pay. It may be different from others but again that is me. I want to give Great customer service and try to make my customers please with the end result of the transaction. I want to make sure that each and every product that leaves my hands, ends up in the right hands. I want to make my packaging appealing to each order feels like a gift to you from me. And I want my customers to feel that they bought something special not only for someone else as a gift but for themselves and to make them feel better in the right choice for their skin.

Pegasus Handmade Soaps

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