Creative Funk

Have you ever been in a creative funk? Meaning have you there been times when you just feel like you just can't be creative. I have so many ideas but can't seem to get them going. I try so hard not to have my items resemble anyone elses and try to be unique to reflect my own personality. I have so many things I want to do and so little time to do them. There are times where I am up all night trying to find new ideas and then I get on myself for not coming up for anything. I feel that I am not very creative and begin to be very hard on myself for trying to hard and coming up empty.

I just recently did a search on Etsy to see if my items will even come up in search.Just curious. I was wondering why sales for me have completely shut down on Etsy. I am at 347 and things have been going great and NOTHING. I can't understand what happened. When I did the search for soap, every store that was on the front page were shops that were the top selling shop at Etsy! Shop that had over 500 items sold or more. I have to say I was some what annoyed and pissed. So this definitely discouraged me in so many ways because customers are not going to go through 453 pages of soap to get to my shop. I was like on page 26! They are gonna go to the first 1 to 5 and especially shops that are top sellers. It is very hard to compete and yes it is competing because you want customer to come to you. And this blocks my creativity to no end. I guess it is more like stress. You want to come up with unique ideas and cool items to want customers to find you. I hope I can get out of this and get back to normal. But lately seems that no matter how much I put in my shop, or advertising (which is on a regular basis and every single day) I come up short.Those search engines on Esty for me at least are for the shops that are the top sellers. Not all but the majority of them are the ones that are getting noticed and the customers will go to the most popular shop to buy then some unknown shop.

I was in Etsy's chat rooms recently and I am not much for chat. I am pretty much a loner so I thought I go in and say hi to some of the folks I met awhile back. Some are still in there chatting away. I missed some of the people I use to chat with when I first started. I pretty much stopped going in because there are so many converstation going, you get unnoticed and I really didn't have the time anymore.

It is also a great way to have others see your items. I pretty much do not go in to advertise but people do tend to look at your things and if you get a sale great. But lately I have been running up against other B & B sellers and it feels like a big competition to see if they can get people to notice their stuff.(Come look at my stuff I have great soap and stuff) It is quite annoying to want to chat and have someone constantly pimping their items or getting people to notice their stuff. I wanted to come in to chat to talk about things other than shop talk for once but again it is always a competition. I have had someone ask me about my items and I was gracious enough to answer their questions and this other person was jumping in sayin oh buy from me I have better stuff and unique items. I am like WTF. It is a cut throat business but that was too much. It don't want to have to constantly on the selling prowl on leisure time, but this person seems to in on the selling prowl all the time. I like her very much but the competition is there and it is more for her. I have great respect for her and admire her as a B &B seller.

Are you like that? Do you feel that you need to be on the selling prowl 24/7 even on your leisure time to constantly get your stuff noticed? I know I am not the kind of person that likes to through my items into people faces, and maybe that may not get me sales but at least I don't have to feel desprite for one either

Again word of mouth and advertising it the best way to get your shop noticed.

Well I have to say that my website has been doing very well lately and I can't complain about that. I want to personally thank all my new and old customers for coming to the website. It has been such a pleasure to serve you all :-)

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