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I just listed some new items on Etsy and on my Website. Stop on by and take a look. Some of the old items that were just recently listed have been temporarily discontinued during the warm summer months due to possible melting issues but they are back now that the weather is getting cooler and less chance of any melting problems.

Old New Item

BathTime Soap Jelly

This is just the coolest soap ever. It has the consistency of a jelly but soft and it is made out of soap. It has so many good stuff in it. Very gentle and it feels great and kids will love this too. This can be scented any way you like and it will be made to order. This does have a preservative added to make it last a little longer. It can be placed in the fridge or in a cool area. If placed in the fridge, you may want to take it out at least an hour prior to using so it won't be so cold. This jelly should last you up to 4 weeks. But you will definitely use this up before then. It is so much fun to use. A color sponge is included with this BathTime Soap Jelly. This is also available in a 4 oz jar

New Scented Solid Lotion Bars

I love love love these. I use these on areas which may only need a little touch up here or there. I have a lot of dry patches that no matter what I put on, it always seems to be dry. And the neatest thing about these is that you don't have to use your hands to apply. Just twist up the bottom of the tub and apply and gently rub. These are made with refined cocoa butter (no cocoa butter scent) and so many other natural ingredients. These had to be put on hold as well due to the cocaa butter and shea butters that are in this bar. Melting would have definitely been the cause of ruining these bars during the summer months. But these are excellent to have around in your purse or at work when you feeling a bit dry anywhere. I especially love using these on the heels of my feet at night. I put soaks on right after applying these to my feet at night and wake up with really smooth feet. Great for the elbows, knees. These are areas that get the driest the most. At least for me that is. I also have a tendency to get a few dry patches on my face so I just apply a little where needed. Come by and check these out. These are also available in the natural cocoa butter scent too.

New Chamomile Handmade Soap

This is my latest soap. I love this soap. Very gentle and has a mild chamomile fragrance to it. It is made with chamomile herb. Very gentle herb and has many good qualities. It lathers so well and it is a very large bar so it will last at least 2 weeks if not more depending on how much you use the soap. I have had some of my bars last at least 2 weeks when used with a color nylon sponge. A must have for you skin because it will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Dead Sea Salts

I just added these back to my line. I have been asked to relist some of these bath salts. Some of my customers love the fact that they can customize these salts to their liking. I only have these available at Etsy.

Some information about Dead Sea Salts and their benefits

Beginning in the 1960s water inflow to the Dead Sea from the Jordan River was reduced as a result of large-scale irrigation and generally low rainfall. By 1975 the upper water layer of the Dead Sea was actually saltier than the lower layer. The upper layer nevertheless remained suspended above the lower layer because its waters were warmer and thus less dense. When the upper layer finally cooled down so that its density was greater than the lower layer the waters of the Dead Sea mixed. For the first time in centuries the lake was a homogeneous body of water.

As the name suggests, the Dead Sea is devoid of life due to an extremely high content of salts and minerals. But it is these natural elements which give its water their curative powers. Dead Sea Salts and Mud have been recognized by millions of people as a single source of health and beauty since the days of Herod the Great, more than 2,000 years ago.

Dead Sea salts are a mixture of bath salts which contain the important salts of the Dead Sea. The Mixture is obtained by fractional evaporation and crystallization of Dead Sea salts from the brines. This process enriches the therapeutically valuable potassium and magnesium salts, while retaining all the other mineral elements of the Dead Sea. The bath salts contain no additives and are of excellent bacteriological quality.

The waters of the Dead Sea, the mud, and the salts extracted from it, are rich in unique concentrations of life-enhancing minerals, which include the highest levels of magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium.

What are the benefits of Dead Sea Salts?

The therapeutic effects of bathing in the Dead Sea were well known even in times of antiquity. Galenus, for instance, stated that this salt water was good for the treatment of Arthritis, Eczema, Muscular Pain, Rheumatism, Psoriasis, and also to Relieve Tension, Aid Relaxation, and develop Smooth Silky Skin. The Jewish Roman historian Flavius, wrote 2000 years ago-“The Dead Sea cannot be praised too highly…travelers take as much of this salt as they are able to home with them because it heals the human body and is therefore used in many medicines.

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