My Latest Purchase From Etsy

Midnight Creations

Yes I am at it again! I made another purchase from Etsy and from one of my favorite Sellers Midnight Creations. She has some awesome handbags at reasonable prices. I just couldn't decide what I wanted because everything she has was so colorful and bright and the selection was hard for me to decide. But I narrowed it down to a cute little writslet. Love the colors and it is perfect for just carrying a few things around instead of carrying a large handbag. But I had decided to give this cute little wristlet to my mother for her birthday on Sept 14th. So this will give me an excuse to come back for something else for myself. LOL But it was very hard to part with but I know I will be able to find something at this shop.

So I highly recommend you stop by their shop at Midnight Creations

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