So What Is New?

I have about 2 new soaps coming soon. They are finished curing and are ready for sale very soon. My website if finally back up and running. Still dealing with a little site issues with some of the links and shopping cart but those will be ironed out over the next week or so but everything is looking good. I worked so hard over the past month getting this back up and running. I hope that everyone will find it user friendly to use. I have just about the same items that are listed on the website as I do on Etsy shop. I will be featuring more items on the site then on Etsy in the upcoming months with more soaps and other bath items. I will be having some massage bath oils and my Bubble Bath Jellies, Scented Solid Lotion Bars and a few other items that were discontinued due to the summer back this Fall when the weather gets cooler

Plus I just recently signed up for this new and cool website called I am just so hooked. Stop on by and check it out if you are a artist, designer, buyer, photographer etc etc. It is a lovely website and the members are growing fast every day. Come by and see me at my Indiepublic page
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