Having A Bad Day!

OH man have you ever had one of those days where you just say Hell with everything! I am in such a bad irritating mood for no reason. Not that time of the month but I think a lot has to do with fustration. I am suffering with bad sinus problems and it is making me so cranky. I had noticed that no one really comes to my blog to read anything I have to say because frankly its boring. I agree its boring. All I have to talk about is my freakin soaps and my bath and body biz. Why is that the only thing I love to talk about, because its my passion. I love what I do and sometimes you just don't feel appreciated for what you do. My family thinks I am just wasting my time. Of course they will never come out and say it but I know that is what they think. Some may even be jealous because I can do what I want to do. I know some of my family thinks because my biz is not bringing in the big bucks why do I bother doing what I do, and spending hours and hours working on a website that no one could care less about. But this is what I love to do. I finally found something in my life that I am actually good at and worked really hard to get to where I am. It has taken me years to find out but better late then never.

I have wondered from job to job in my 20 something years of working and my last long term job was a retail manager in Phila for 10yrs. After doing that for so long you say to yourself, there has got to be something that I can do that I love doing not just to be doing to pay bills and to bring in a pay check but of course we all have to live and eat.

I have searched and searched to find those answers and just happen to stumble upon a shop that made bath and body products. After I did a lot of research and buying supplies and other items and trying my first soaps. I thought to myself " man I really suck at this". I thought it wasn't my calling at all. Until my husband sat me down and said " you will never know what you can do until you put in the effort and the time in to it". So I stuck with it and it blossomed in to a very nice thing for me. I am not just a Bath and Body seller, I am a maker as well. There is a big difference between sone one that sellers bath and body products and who makes it. I do both and I am proud to say it. I don't buy my products from wholesalers and drop a few of my own ingredients and fragrance and call it handmade. Thats is just a seller of bath and body. I make everytying for my own recipes.

But sometimes you just feel is all this worth the headaches and the disappointments. And I finally come to the conclusion and said "Yes it is worth it because no matter how bad sales may be or how slow it has become or how bad no one seems to care about your stuff, or how down I can get, or whatever the case me be for me to get of this funk I am in, I need to recognize that I have a lot to offer. I know deep in my heart that I worked damn hard to get where I am today and nothing is gonna deter me from making my dreams blossom.


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