How many of us have them? Sorry had to say that. How many of us have true friend that we can count on. Always there for you when you need them. Have coffee and just sit and chit chat.or watch each others kids when the other is out of town or just taking a day to themselves. A friend that will be there for you when you are feeling really low and need someone to confide in. A friend that will not compete with you with finances, who has the best looking house, who has the smartest kid or kids, who has the most expensive car to drive, who has the most money, fancy job etc. Do you have a friend like that? Friends are very few and hard to come by for me but I guess over the years I haven't had not one true friend that I done those things with as I stated above. All my adult life I chose to not have friends mainly because I can not find a true friend with all those qualities without them always trying to compete with you on every level. Jealousy plays a big role in why a lot of women can not sustain a long term relationship with other women. Not saying this is not possible, I have heard of long term female relationships with women that pretty much grew up with each other and consider themselves like family. I can't even have a sister relationship with my own sister because of jealousy from her. I have tried and tried over the years to have a sister relationship with her but for her its just not possible. Why? I have no idea so I gave it up. I think it was just in the cards for me not to have friends. Less heart ache, less backstabbing, less jealousy, less competition and less aggravation.

But we all need friends. I hear it is good to have friends because it is good for the soul and longevity of life.

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