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Here are some few questions that people have asked about homemade soaps made from scratch.

What makes homemade soaps from scratch different from commercial products?

My soaps don't have other artificial additives, synthetics, and detergents in them. It is a all natural glycerin still intact after the soapmaking process, and is much milder on the skin than any commercial soap. It can often help clear skin conditions on people who have problems with commercial products. I am speaking of all well made handmade soaps made from scratch.

Do you know why most bar soaps leave the sticky, dry feeling?

When you buy over the counter soaps they are not truly soap at all, but detergent bars (synthetic detergents). Real soap will be made from fats and oils such as palm, coconut, tallow, etc. They have been blended with lye or sodium hydroxide and that chemical process makes soap (called "saponification" which you are learning about in Chemistry). When you find these on the label, they will usually read... "sodium tallowate, sodium cocoate, sodium palmate," etc. Most melt and pour soaps are made with detergents and synthetics and will a lot of times leave your skin feeling tight and dry.

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My thoughts on why people shy away from homemade soaps

I have found that a lot of people tend to buy soaps based on the way they look, pretty bright colors and molds and sweet smells. Of course you want your soaps to smell great. Thats normal. They are fun looking soaps. I was out shopping and was in the craft store and in the dollar store and actually asked a few people about using soap. I have asked several people about buying soaps made from scratch.

Here are some of the response I got from total strangers. First I couldn't believe I was doing this.LOL

Some have said they don't like using soap.

Me: What is it about soaps you don't like?

People: It leaves your skin dry and tight and the bars get really hard.

Me: Have you ever used homemade soaps?

People: Most have said NO what is the difference.
Only 1 person actually said they used homemade soap. I asked if she still uses it and she said no because soap goes to fast. Most of the people I asked said they prefer using Body Washes and some said if they did use soap it would be something like Dove over the counter soap.

Me: I asked a older lady if she has used homemade soaps?

The Old Lady said: She actually told me that she use to make it as a little girl with her mother back in the day. She was 76 yrs old. So she did use them and prefers.

Finally! So by me just asking there were a lot of people that didn't even know there was a difference between the two and some that just don't like the feel of soap and prefer body washes.

I gave out several samples and wanted people to try a sample of my soaps when I was out shopping and wanted to get some feedback from them by email.

I have sold more melt and pour soaps then my homemade soaps over the past couple of years, mainly because of the fancy molds and bright colors I used in my soaps. I thought it would attract more people the fancier they were. Fancy Novelty soaps are much more appeal to the eye then homemade bland looking soaps. Real soaps are better for your skin then soaps made with detergents and synthetics. But people are drawn to pretty bright colors and fancy molds.

So in closing, no my soaps may not have pretty swirls and bright colors and pretty molds shapes but I guarantee you will not have dry tight itchy skin after you come out of the shower.
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