Yippeee New Soap!

Ok yes I finally got around to making a new batch of soap. This new batch is called Almond Scrubby Soap. Pure sweet almond fragrance with an apricot seed add to it for a scrubby feel to the soap. No color was added to this soap. Pictures are coming soon as the soap is finished going through the saponification process. Once I cut it you will get a looky. Smells so good. This is made with pure olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil. The combination of the oils will give it a nice tan and creamy look to the soap.

This is a close up shot of the soap. This has to cure for 4-6 weeks. You can see the apricot seeds in it to give it this nice texture and exfoliant.

I really want my soaps to have a special appeal to them. I want to go the natural route with my soaps without all the artificial colorings to color them. Although I still use fragrance oils, I do have essential oils as well but because of the high cost of a small bottle, I still use fragrance oils. They tend to make the scent last as with some of my essential oils that I have used tend to fade a bit. But not all do this. I tend to see alot of fancy swirls and colors on alot of other soaps but I choose not to go this route. Mainly because, 1 my swirling technique really sucks and 2, I really don't want to use too much color in my soaps.

I have 6 batches of soap currently curing that I did not use any artificial coloring and the color of them are just beautiful. One is my Mocha Coffee Soap. I use only coffee to color this soap.

Another is, Tomato Leaf which I used annatto powder to color it. It has a rich peach color and the grains of the annatto powder in it to give it a cool affect.

Also my all time favorite the Sage & Citrus Flower soap. It has no color in it at all but with the Calendula flower petals in it give is a beautiful color.

Next is my Rosemary Mint soap that was colored with mint and rosemary powder. It has a rich dark green color and scented with a rosemary and pepermint scent. The peppermint is a essential oil. There a few specs of rosemary in the soap as well.

Next is my Apple Butter Creamy Soap. This was scented with a sweet scent of apple butter and was colored with a light dusting of red kaolin powder and mixed in was apple powder. Awesome!

Next is my Chocolate Madagascar. MMMM this smells awesome. First instead of using water I used a flavored tea. It is deep in color and the color of the tea colored the soap. I did add a hint of cocoa powder. Madagacar fragrance was added to this. This scent as a unique vanilla scent. This has very deep chocolate color. No artificial color was added to this soap. It looks like a chocolate bar. :-)

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