Whipped Shea Butter Cream

News Flash! Well due to the high cost of Shea Butter, I decided to discontinue the hand cream due to the fact that I have to use a lot of the Shea Butter to make this cream. Instead of raising the price for my 4 oz jar, I decided to just keep making my Shea Butter Lotion. I know there are a lot of sellers that sell a 4 oz jar for 9-11.00 and to me that is just extremely high to a 4 oz jar. But I know that is what most are selling it for. I had mine prices at 5.75 a jar. But if I decided to keep the cream in my products, I would have to raise my price to 7.00 a jar. And I didn't want to do that. I want to keep my prices reasonable and not outrages. I am working on facial clays and cold creams if I can get my recipes just right but so far, nothing has come out the way I wanted. I tried an experimental recipes last night and it was a disaster. Just awful so I had to wast that batch. Luckily I didn't make a lot to waste it. I will keep you updated on my progress but so far nothing has panned out for me. ggggrrrr. I will keep at it till I get it the way I want.
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