I'm So Addicted

Since I have come back from vacation, I have been making soap like crazy. I just finished two batches of soap in the past three days.

My latest batch is Rosemary Mint. Oh my does this smell awesome. This soap was made with real rosemary powder, peppermint powder and peppermint fragrance oil. I try not to use much artificial colors in my soaps so I like adding natural powders and herbs to color my soaps for a more natural look to them. I was going to go with the peppermint essential oil but some people have reactions to to peppermint essential oil so I just used the peppermint fragrance oil. It is a dark green in color but packs a wonderful rosemary peppermint punch. A great pick me up it the morning thats for sure.

The batch I just finished today is Caribbean Summer. This was actually my second batch as the first one was made for a customer. I just made another batch of this soap. This is a all veggies soap made from olive oil, soybean, cottonseed oil, coconut oil and it smell awesome. The color that was added is color specifically formulated for Cold Processed Soaps. It is a combination of Lemon, Orange, Mango, Pineapple. It has that tropical look and feel to it and can't wait to use both of these soaps

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