New Etsy Seller

From time to time I will be featuring some fantastic sellers. I can appreciate good quality work and so should you. I love creative people and would love to let them have a day in the spot light.

I would like to introduce a new seller to Etsy. The name of the shop is called Lovin Bijou. She makes some of the most beautiful handmade bags. I recently talked with Lovinbijou in a chat room at Etsy she is such a lovely person. I just had to take a look at some of her beautiful handcrafted bags and I was amazed by the wonderful bright colors. I welcome Lovin Bijou to Etsy and hope that she enjoys her time there. Cheers to you!

Here are a few of what she has in her shop at Etsy.

So if you love good quality handmade bags, stop on over to


I aquired permission from the seller to display her pictures and to advertise her handbags and promote her new Etsy shop.

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