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A new and exciting marketplace for handmade crafters. I really like the feel of this new place and hopefully the exposure it gets the more people would stop by and look or even shop at this place.

Stop by and check out my items there too


I am so glad that I have found this place. I have met so many nice wonderful seller and buyers here. This place is so much better than Ebay. More laid back and the talented people there are just absolutely wonderful. I have bought some lovely things on Etsy and the quality of my items was A+

My Website

I recently decided to close my website. In the past few months it has been really bad with sales as most of my customers have been buying from my Etsy shop. It was a very hard decision as I had my website open for 2 yrs now and I did everything to make it the way it was. I was the one that did the editing, adding pictures, the complete shopping cart was all my doing. So it was very hard to let it go. But in the long run, it will save me about 250.00 a year. I was basically paying to keep it up. So I had my domain name transferred to my Etsy shop for all my old customers. I want to thank all my customers who have supported me throughout the past 2 yrs.

New Items

I just recently listed these items on Etsy and I am very please with all of these and how they turned out.

Zesty Orange Dead Sea Salt Bath Soak
I am very happy with this combination of Dead Sea Salts and foaming powder that makes this bath soak a wonder to have at bath time. I tried this and I love love love it. I stayed in the bath so long that I was getting wrinkled. But this is a very relaxing bath soak and if I enjoyed it so will you.

Shea Butter

I use Shea Butter in alot of my products. I love the way this butter feels on my skin and its very health for your skin as well.
Healing properties: Shea butter has a vast number of proven healing properties stemming from its physical makeup of vitamin E, vitamin A and cinnamic acid, just to name a few. Shea butter's ingredients increase the healing of wounds and improve scars. It is commonly used in the treatment of eczema, rashes, burns, and severely dry skin. Skin protection: Shea butter contains natural UV sun protection. Daily use of Shea Butter on the face and body as a natural moisturizer drastically reduces sun exposure, which in turn slows down the rate of aging due to external factors. Shea butter also acts as a natural mantle against elements of cigarette smoke, smog & chemical pollutants in the atmosphere. I myself use Shea lotion for my severe dry skin during the harsh winter months. If you have dry itchy skin, this will be great for it. Please be advised that Shea…